Working Out Issues And Agreements Cooperatively

When it comes to resolving disputes within a divorce agreement, the courtroom is not an automatic destination. You don't have to put your children in the middle of heated disagreements with your spouse. You can spare them from the battle through the process of collaborative law.

Collaborative Law Services For Bartow County And NW Georgia Residents

Collaborative law allows you and your lawyer to structure an agreement that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can agree to. Simply stated, you have a certain amount of control over your post-divorce life with the knowledge that your children were spared any petty disagreements you had with your spouse.

Starting divorce mediation does not guarantee a successful outcome. While spouses may have had the best of intentions, some marital dissolutions seem destined for the courtroom. While you have less control, we will work hard to continue to look out for the best interests of your children.

At Your Side Until Your Case Is Resolved Through Collaboration Or Litigation

Like most of our clients who have come to us for divorce mediation or litigation, you feel intimidated facing a complex legal process. You worry about taking time off from work, losing money that you want to save for your new future. Our job is to work as efficiently and effectively as possible on your behalf.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding the value of dispute resolution through collaborative law, contact Cartersville attorney Christina Jenkins at 770-387-7447 or fill out our online intake form.