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Protect Your Kids With The Right Custody And Support Arrangements

Regardless of the emotions that may surface between you and your ex-spouse during and after your divorce, your children come first. This means that whatever differences you and your ex may have, you both must still come to an agreement on custody and support.

If you are struggling to reach a consensus on where your children will live or how much support they will receive, talk to us today. At the law office of Christina R. Jenkins, LLC, we can help you negotiate for an arrangement that is suitable for you, the other parent and your children.

What You Can Do And How We Can Help

A marriage dissolution is tough on the whole family, but often it can impact your children the most. For this reason, it is important that you take the steps to preserve a sense of stability for them and to safeguard their future.

We can work with you to do the following and more:

  • Prepare a co-parenting plan
  • Seek joint legal custody
  • Request joint physical custody
  • Pursue sole custody
  • Arrange visitation schedules
  • Obtain child support
  • Modify an order for custody or support

You know your situation best, but together we can help you achieve an outcome that truly benefits your children. Let our attorney help you sort out your custody and child support issues today.

We Look Out For Yours And Your Children’s Best Interest

In every custody and support case, the court will do what it considers to be in the interest of your children — a decision that you may not agree with. As such, having a skilled legal representative who knows your story and can advocate for you is crucial.

For a customized solution to a challenging family law concern, reach out to us and our compassionate lawyer today. Conveniently located in Cartersville, we serve families throughout northwest Georgia. Schedule your initial consultation when you call us at 770-383-1433 or send us an email.