How can I settle my divorce quickly?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorces can be an unpredictable challenge. Property division, visitation rights and alimony are all areas that can result in an ugly battle in court. The average time it takes to settle a divorce in Georgia is between 30 and 60 days. Is it possible to reduce this time while making things easier for everyone?

A lot goes into a divorce, and any number of things can go wrong along the way. You can do a few things to make things easier for yourself and settle your divorce quickly and efficiently. Here are three tips to help your divorce process:

Get an attorney

An experienced lawyer can offer their clients years of experience that goes a long way in a divorce. Lawyers know how to avoid major mistakes, and prepare for the best possible outcome in the divorce. Lawyers can also help in any negotiations and set reasonable expectations about what you could get from a divorce.

Gather documentation

Collecting essential documents ahead of time can speed up the divorce process. Assemble papers like bank statements, home and car loans, income statements, retirement account statements, and other documents related to shared marriage assets to both help settle any disputes, and make negotiations easier.

Seek an uncontested divorce

The more spouses fight over features of a divorce, the longer and more expensive the divorce becomes. An uncontested divorce is when both spouses can agree on the circumstances of their divorce. By agreeing on the divorce, the couple can avoid the courtroom, and settle things with much less effort.

Act in your best interest

A person facing a divorce has the power to make things a lot easier for themselves. Taking proactive measures to gather information and legal representation, while also pursuing an uncontested divorce can eliminate the time, effort, and money to finalize a divorce.