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Welcome To The Law Firm Of Christina R. Jenkins, LLC

When facing legal challenges, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced attorney who will to protect your interests. At the law firm of Christina R. Jenkins, LLC, our goal is to meet your legal needs with care and attention. Based in Cartersville, Georgia, we represent clients throughout Bartow County and northwest Georgia.

For more information about Ms. Jenkins’ background and credentials, please view her profile below.

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Christina R. Jenkins

We Strive For Fast And Effective Resolutions

Our firm’s founder, lawyer Christina R. Jenkins, makes personalized service a top priority. She will attend to all aspects of your case, identifying the unique issues you are facing, understanding your goals and tailoring her recommendations accordingly.

Achieving clients’ objectives sometimes requires avoiding long, drawn-out court battles. Experienced in collaborative law solutions, Ms. Jenkins strives to reach favorable resolutions outside of court whenever possible, protecting your interests through efficient and cost-effective strategies.

Cases that go to lengthy and costly litigation usually only have one winner: the attorney who collects the legal fees after the case is resolved. Our goal is for you to come away the winner.

Maintaining Discretion And Empowering Clients

Keeping your case out of court serves another important purpose: it protects highly personal matters from public disclosure. Through negotiation, mediation and other out-of-court resolution processes, Ms. Jenkins will work to resolve your case with the utmost of discretion.

These resolution methods also place the decision-making power in your hands. They give you greater say in outcomes that may affect your future.

Our Staff

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    • Sandy Lenning, Administrative Assistant  

How To Contact Attorney Jenkins

To discuss your legal concerns, call Ms. Jenkins at 770-387-7447 or fill out her office’s online intake form.