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Real Estate Transactions Are Not A Do-It-Yourself Proposition

Closing day should be exciting. Let us help you understand the closing docs in an understandable conversation.

Georgia is one of a handful of states that do not have title companies to facilitate the buying and selling of property. Attorneys assume the responsibilities normally afforded to the title company, specifically coordinating the closings between buyers and sellers. We specialize in providing the information you need in a stress-free environment.

Hands-On. Detail-Oriented. Client-Focused.

Cartersville lawyer Christina R. Jenkins, LLC and her legal team review all documents with attention to every detail, an important step toward a successful transaction. We provide a complete check down of the property history to ensure you are getting what you bargained for.

Our services include:

  • Lender transactions
  • Refinance transactions
  • Cash closing sale transactions
  • Contract preparation (for sale by owner)
  • Title examinations
  • Title insurance
  • Other real estate legal matters

Another way to help clients secure property is through tax sale foreclosures, one of the several types of government foreclosures. Due to non-payment of taxes, the court orders county, state or federal government entities to attach liens. That step starts the process of foreclosure and subsequent auctions of multifamily properties (condominiums and apartment buildings), single-family homes, industrial properties, warehouses and office buildings. Attorney Jenkins assists buyers with purchasing properties at tax sale foreclosures and gaining clean title to the property.

Christina R. Jenkins, LLC‘ dedication to the real estate industry goes outside the walls of her law office as well. She is a supporter of Homes for Heroes, a national program providing discounts to law enforcement veterans.

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Protect yourself and your home with quality closing services. Call Christina R. Jenkins, LLC at 770-387-7447 or fill out our online intake form to schedule an initial consultation. Please send all title orders to [email protected]