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Growing Your Family Through Adoption?

Adoption can help those who are unable to biologically have children grow their families. It is also an option for stepparents, grandparents and extended relatives who may wish to adopt a family member. But regardless of why you are choosing to adopt, the process remains a complicated one.

For this reason, an adoption is best handled with the guidance of a skilled lawyer. If you plan on expanding your family through the adoption process, reach out to us today. At Christina R. Jenkins, LLC, we do everything we can to take the right approach for you.

Why You Should Talk To An Attorney First

We know that adoption is often a sensitive family legal matter, one that can leave you overwhelmed. But you do not have to face the challenges alone. Before you make a decision or engage an adoption agency, talk to us first.

Our attorney can:

  • Explain the adoption process
  • Clarify state or international adoption laws
  • Determine the appropriate route for you to take
  • Fill out and file the adoption paperwork for you
  • Represent you in any and all court proceedings

While you prepare for the newest member of your family, we can take care of the legal work.

A Legal Solution Designed With You In Mind

Our firm recognizes the unique needs of the individuals and families who come to us. As such, we provide every client we work with a customized solution that addresses their specific concerns. Whether you are adopting locally in the state of Georgia or from a country overseas, you can benefit from our legal representation. We can assist with adoptions all over the State of Georgia. Contact our Adoption Team for more information.

Contact attorney Christina R. Jenkins at our Cartersville office to get started today. Call 770-387-7447 to schedule your consultation or send us an email at your earliest convenience.