Social Media Posts May Show Up in the Courtroom

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Divorce challenges each spouse differently. Some people can approach their divorce with a cool head and considerate action, while others can get lost in their emotions. However, you handle your divorce, you will likely require a sympathetic support system of family and friends.

2020 has stretched Americans’ ability to connect in person. More and more people turn to social media to keep in touch with loved ones in faraway places. Though reaching out on social media is easy, these often public posts can have repercussions in relevant legal matters — like your divorce.

Social media mistakes that compromise divorce proceedings

The following social media posting errors can have heavy consequences on your divorce. The following mistakes can compromise your divorce case or even result in a lawsuit:

  1. Insults or false claims about your spouse: Some people turn to social media to release tension, voicing their concerns in cathartic rants about things that bother them. Doing so about one’s spouse can create legal problems during a divorce. If you lie about your spouse, you may soon face a suit for libel.
  2. Posting pictures of a night out: Though posting a few fun pictures of yourself with friends may seem harmless, a spouse’s lawyer might use these against you. These photos may lead to claims of infidelity or to showcase your “unfitness” as a parent.
  3. “Checking in”: Many social media apps allow its users to “check in” to real-world locations. Doing so helps create community beyond the space and lets anyone who can access your account know your location. If your divorce centers on allegations of abuse or violence, checking in can inform your abuser of your location and create an unsafe situation.
  4. Posting to combined social circles: Married couples often share groups of friends both in the real world and online. Even if you customize your privacy settings, you may overlook some mutual friends who share posts with your spouse. Double-check all privacy settings before publishing.
  5. Leaving your accounts open: The biggest mistake is leaving your social media accounts open and active. The best way to avoid legal complications from unwise social media posts is to simply shut down accounts for the duration of the negotiations.

Are you worried about your social media presence?

If you have concerns about your social media posts during your divorce, you can bring your questions to a local attorney familiar with Georgia’s divorce laws. A lawyer can review your case, advise on social media and draft a comprehensive divorce agreement.