Do not believe these 3 adoption myths

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Adoptions are probably more common than you think. In 2018 alone, Americans adopted 63,000 kids from the foster system. Thousands of others adopted members of their own families, such as stepchildren, nephews, nieces and grandchildren.

Even though adopting a child is often one of the more fulfilling experiences in life, there is a considerable amount of confusion around the adoption process. Here are three myths you should not believe about adopting a child in Georgia.

Myth 1: The process is never easy and always long

In Georgia, most adoptions go through a seven-step process that includes training, evaluation and placement. The length of time it takes to complete this process depends on many factors, such as the adopter’s relationship with the child and the biological parents’ rights. Still, there are ways to accelerate many adoptions, and the process does not usually drag on forever.

Myth 2: Adoption is prohibitively expensive

While every adoption is different, adopting a child is not usually prohibitively expensive. The cost of your adoption may depend on whether you are adopting a child from the foster system or from your family. Nevertheless, court costs are typically minimal, and legal fees for competent attorneys are often reasonable.

Myth 3: Georgia prefers stepparent adoptions

While stepparents commonly adopt their stepchildren, Georgia law allows any qualified individual to adopt. It is not rare for grandparents to adopt their grandchildren or for strangers to adopt kids from the foster system.

Ultimately, if you want to adopt, you should be certain you are a good candidate for adoption. If you are, do not let the complexity, length or expense of Georgia’s adoption process dissuade you from becoming a parent to a child who desperately needs one.