What role do mediators play in divorces?

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Even couples that decide on an uncontested divorce will likely need some help through it. After all, divorce is a complex and sometimes messy process that often requires guidance from a more experienced hand.

This is where mediators may come into play. A mediator can potentially provide all a couple needs to get through divorce as smoothly as possible.

A neutral party with training

Forbes discusses the use of mediators in a divorce situation. Essentially, the job of a mediator remains the same whether they come into business deals or divorce situations. They exist as a neutral third party that listens to the other parties and helps them come to an agreeable final conclusion.

They have training in de-escalation, which allows them to step in and stop arguments from spiraling wildly out of control. They also ensure that both parties get to have fair amount of time to speak, ensuring that no one gets drowned out by particularly talkative or loud opposition.

Valuable opinions and suggestions

On top of that, they can offer unique advice and suggestions due to their position as a neutral party. They can look at issues from an entirely different lens. It is also easier for divorcing couples to trust mediators because they do not have any investment in either party and can provide safe neutrality.

However, mediators cannot make decisions for divorcing couples. They do not have the legal authority of arbitrators or judges, so they cannot make legally binding orders. They can only guide couples toward making decisions on their own.