Can you legally adopt your grandchildren in Georgia?

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The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is precious and irreplaceable. In many cases, grandparents not only provide love but emotional and financial support as well.

If your son or daughter has been unable to take care of your grandchild, and you have stepped in to help, you may wish to legally adopt your grandchildren.

Why should you adopt your grandchild?

Adoption allows many Georgia state agencies to provide services to help them. The Division of Child Support Services can help you access many different kinds of help, including child support payments, SNAP, Healthcare and other supports. DHS and AARP also have systems in place to help adoptive grandparents be successful.

Additionally, formalizing your relationship with your grandchildren provides both you and them with the reassurance of a legal designation. This can give you a sense of security, a legal safety net and peace of mind knowing your relationship is solid and safe.

How do you adopt a grandchild in Georgia?

First, you must be eligible to be an adoptive parent. You must::

  • Have lived in Georgia for at least 6 months
  • Be at least 10 years older than the child and 25 years old yourself
  • If married, must adopt jointly with your spouse
  • Have the ability to take care of the child

If the parents agree to the adoption, or if the parents have had their legal rights taken away, you may file for the adoption in the Superior Court in the county where you live.

Legalizing your parental relationship with your grandchildren can unlock a wealth of opportunities for aid and assistance, as well as provide you and the children peace of mind.