What are some grounds for divorce in Georgia?

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When your marriage has reached an unrecoverable point, divorce often seems like the next logical step. Part of the divorce process in Georgia requires you to declare the reason for the petition. Every state has its own regulations about the permissible grounds for divorce from amicable separations to fault-based claims.

Georgia only allows no-fault divorce filings if you declare the marriage irretrievably broken. Otherwise, it must fit one of the declared grounds for divorce. There are a few common reasons for divorce filings in Georgia.


According to Forbes, 60% of couples cite infidelity as a reason for their divorce. If your spouse was unfaithful, that betrayal is grounds for divorce. If you file for divorce as a result of adultery, you need evidence to prove that the betrayal happened. This may require investment in a private investigator or extensive research on your part before you actually separate.


When your spouse leaves the marital home and wilfully abandons you for at least a year without mutual agreement, you may be able to file for divorce on the grounds of desertion.


Substance abuse of any kind can take a toll on relationships. When your spouse has an addiction problem, whether to alcohol or illegal substances, that addiction is grounds for divorce.


Cruelty is a broad term when it comes to petitioning for divorce. It includes treatment such as physical violence, emotional abuse or financial control. If you suffer mistreatment by your spouse, file for divorce on cruelty grounds.

There are many avenues to file for divorce depending on your personal situation. Consider the state’s permissible grounds for divorce carefully as you make your decision.