Can you receive spousal support before divorce is complete?

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Divorces are time-consuming and stressful endeavors that can create a tremendous amount of upheaval. Official dissolution of the marriage and the divorce order that often comes with it mark the end of something that was once held dear, while also beginning the process of moving forward in healing and happiness.

However, divorces take time and this process can often stretch out for months or even years. What options are available for a spouse that was reliant on the income of their partner?

Financial instability

Most couples experience some level of unevenness in their respective incomes, but some couples have significant differences in their financial status as individuals. There are many reasons that one person may make less money than their wife or husband. Taking on the duties of homemaker and stay-at-home parent, compromising their career to support their ambitious spouse or simply just having two different skillsets or experiences that produce unequal monetary gains.

Pendente lite

Due to the difficulty that drawn-out divorce proceedings may have on the lesser-earning spouse, a pendente lite order can establish spousal support on a temporary basis while the divorce is still pending completion. While it is not guaranteed that the terms of a pendente lite order will carry over into the permanent divorce order, it is common that some of the details remain mostly unchanged.

Divorce orders that include spousal support are often put in place to enable both spouses to maintain the standard of living to which their marriage had accustomed them to.