How to divorce an alcoholic

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Divorcing an alcoholic can be challenging. Nevertheless, if you are in this predicament, there is little choice but to separate yourself from such a toxic individual.

Understanding the steps inherent in divorcing someone with an alcohol dependency can make it easier to get through this difficult time.

Acknowledge the problem

The first step in divorcing an alcoholic involves coming to terms with the matter. Recognize that the spouse’s alcohol misuse is causing great harm to the marriage and family. After doing this, you will be in a better mindset to dissolve your marriage.

Seek support

Going through a divorce can be an isolating experience, especially when dealing with an alcoholic partner. Seek help from friends, family or support groups to provide emotional strength and guidance. These systems grant a measure of relief from the stress and uncertainty of the divorce process.

Document alcohol-related incidents

Preserve evidence of episodes relating to the spouse’s alcoholism. A detailed record of events, including dates, times and descriptions, can prove invaluable in divorce proceedings. A judge is more likely to rule in your favor if you demonstrate the impact of the spouse’s alcoholism on your home life.

Prioritize safety

If the alcoholic spouse’s behavior becomes abusive or dangerous, find another place to stay. Leaving is mandatory when you have young children, as they depend on you to protect them. Courts often weigh a parent’s ability to provide a stable and safe environment. Explaining how the alcoholic spouse’s behavior is affecting juveniles can be a determining factor in custody decisions.

Focus on finances

Alcoholics often steal money or spend what they do not have to get their next drink. For this reason, you must be extra cautious to protect your finances. Open separate accounts, gather relevant financial documents and plan for coming fiscal needs.

Although the divorce process is typically unpleasant, the results of ending an unhealthy relationship make the burden entirely worthwhile. Ultimately, you will enjoy a healthier, more stable life.