When Legal Complexities And Emotionally Charged Issues Meet

At Christina R. Jenkins, LLC, our Cartersville-based practice of family law encompasses the following areas:


Filing divorce often comes after months — if not years — of stress and anxiety between a couple. When the formal decision is finally made to end the marriage, the help of a Georgia lawyer is paramount. Decisions that impact family members, specifically children, must be made at a time when decision-making is impaired by emotional elements and at a time when the best interests of the parties can be addressed.


Life has ups & downs, sometimes this requires having need to appoint a guardian. At Christina R. Jenkins, LLC, we can help ensure that you get the best solution to protect your loved ones.

There are multiple types of guardianship that can be tailored to suit your personal needs and address your concerns.

Divorce Modifications

A divorce decree is based on the circumstances of a specific time. As the months and years go by, jobs change and are lost, couples are remarried and children's interest change, as they get older. Revisiting an agreement is often necessary, especially if a significant move to another state or across the country requires modifications of child support and custody.

Adoption, Including Step-Parent and Adult Adoptions

Adoptions are not just for newborns. We see many opportunities to grow families with adoption, step-parent adoptions and adult adoptions. Let us help you with your growing family.

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